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1. When should I give notice to my current landlord that I intend to move?
Now, today, as soon as you start thinking of moving, let your landlord know, do not wait till you have another place to give notice, you will end up paying rent in 2 places. Keep your landlord in the loop regarding your moving schedule, do not just leave on a certain date, and expect to receive your security deposit in the mail, most landlords require a walk through, read your lease again, and make sure you are doing things correctly. As long as you are paying your rent, your landlord will be fine with giving you an extra week or two, after your 30 day notice expires, if you need it. Nobody wants an empty rental.
2. I intend to move in about 2 months, can I come see an apartment?
No, you will be wasting the time of everybody involved, the agent that had to show the property, your co-workers spending their lunch hour, apartment shopping with you, and yourself. All the properties we show, are for immediate move in, no landlord is going to keep a property vacant for over 15 days for you, hence the 15 day requirement in our ads. Please do your browsing and researching online, do not involve other people in casual browsing, our ads have several pictures for that purpose. Only contact us, if you are ready and able to move within 15 days
3. I saw a listing that said, ďNo PetsĒ, why no pets?, my dog is part of the family, itís trained.
It is perfectly legal and within a landlords right to refuse pets, there are lots of landlords that accept pets, narrow your search to pet friendly properties.
4. Why are there so many pictures in your ads? most ads I see elsewhere only have 4.
We value your time, and we value ours, so as much information as possible goes into each and every ad, Making sure that you know where it is, what it looks like, whatís required, so you do not waste your time coming to see it, if it doesnít meet your requirements. We also have video walk throughs for our listings. Please ask questions over the phone before making an appointment. Discuss your deal breakers.
5. No else is asking me to bring documents to come see their properties, is this really necessary?
Yes it is necessary. Those properties asking you to just come by, are the same ones, posting ads without pictures, signs on their properties that do not even tell you how many bedrooms, or what the rent is, they expect you to call and ask. Do not waste your time gambling on those properties
6. My credit is not so good, do you have any properties that do not require a credit check?
Every property we market requires a credit check. Be prepared to pay more in terms of a security deposit to balance your credit situation. Great income is more valuable than great credit, money talks
7. Do you accept section 8?
None of the properties we represent, accept any sort of programs.
8. I find some of the language in your ads a bit harsh, why so direct?
Itís business, harsh translates into precise, accurate, to the point, no bs, no wasting of time. Moving is not fun, We would like to get the process over for you, as quickly as possible, so you can spend more time doing fun things like Happy Hour at Mai Tai :)
9. Do I have to pay a fee?
The landlord pays for our service, all you pay is the credit check fee.
10. I am looking for a 2 bedroom with a pool that will accept a dog, can you help?
We do not look for properties on behalf of renters, we market what we have.
11. How can I get updated of new listings?
Add us on any of the connect links Ė Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Bebo etc
12. How is the minimum income requirement calculated?
It is 36 times the rent. (3 times the monthly rent x twelve months in a year)
13. So I have all the documents, application filled out, copies of paystubs, ID, SS card, whatís next?
Call and make an appointment to view the property, if you like it, you apply, if you donít, you take your documents back with you. Have the package with you when viewing properties, so you can apply for an apartment you like immediately. Itís a competitive market, be prepared to act. Same as you have copies of your resume on hand when job hunting, have copies of your rental package on hand when apartment hunting.
14. I am new to Long Beach, could you recommend an honest mechanic?
Yes, speak to Tony at Belmont Auto Ė (4th St & Grand Ave)
15. I am a single female moving to Long Beach, where do I meet a nice guy?
Go to Home Depot Ė (Cherry & Willow)
16. Where do I meet a single in shape female, ummm I mean not fat?
Got to Fresh N Easy, Trader Joes & Whole Foods, focus on the women with baskets, not the ones with carts.
17. Iím a gay dude, where do I meet a man ready for marriage? ha ha, got you stumped
Go to Hamburger Marys at Broadway and Alamitos and order the Ostrich burger, got you Ö
18. Are all the bare chested men running on the beach gay?
No, some are just happy.
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